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Bill Sykes

Every course leader brings a unique wealth of insights from within the boardroom and wider business community to the programmes they deliver; the IoD gives you exclusive access to their expertise.

IoD executive coach


Business experience

Bill Sykes has been involved in the development and coaching of individuals and teams through his consulting and line management experience throughout his working life. He has worked both in the USA and the UK for over 20 years as a coach and consultant to owners, directors, senior executives, partners in professional practices and line managers. He is also familiar with business practices and cultures in most international territories.

Bill has held senior management positions in marketing, human resources and management development. He has experience, as an owner and director, of starting and growing a business from scratch, with all the resultant pressures of developing an entrepreneurial team, raising capital, resolving individual conflicts and building the business.

Coaching credentials

Bill is a qualified psychometric profiler, 360 feedback trainer and behaviouralist. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors as well as a business author and speaker. He is also member of the Association for Coaching.

Areas of specialism

  • Coaching and mentoring individuals to achieve their goals.
  • Coaching new directors and recently promoted executives in handling that change, and in preparing individuals to achieve promotion.
  • Specific feedback to indicate life changing, positive results.
  • Strategic planning and coaching support for owners and partners to identify and grow future executive and managerial talent.
  • Identifying and resolving conflict through coaching and counselling to overcome personal issues and to build on individual strengths and ambitions, especially in tough economic conditions.
  • Coaching individuals and family members to identify the barriers and how to overcome them in order to achieve their collective goals.