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Andrew Carroll

Every course leader brings a unique wealth of insights from within the boardroom and wider business community to the programmes they deliver; the IoD gives you exclusive access to their expertise.

IoD course leader


Business experience

Andrew is a Chartered Director and has worked as an independent director and consultant since 1998, with extensive experience as a non-executive with SMEs and public companies, from start-up to exit. Following an early career as an economist for a European consultancy, Andrew worked as an HR director for a FTSE 100 company.

Andrew’s specific expertise is working with boards and other leadership teams to translate strategy into action by increasing strategic thinking, enhancing management alignment and generating high levels of engagement. His work has principally been in financial and professional services with his current projects including a FTSE-250 company, a niche London market insurance business and a manufacturing start-up.

Professional credentials and training experience

Andrew has been an IoD Course Leader since 2004, delivering the Director’s Role in Leading the Organisation at Pall Mall and regional centres in Salford, Liverpool, Leeds, Loughborough and the Isle of Man. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, completing a BA and MA with Post-Graduate studies in Economics at London. In addition to being a Chartered Director, he has the IPM Professional Management Qualification and Certifications from the British Psychological Society.