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Courses - Open Programme



Are you ready and willing to take the step to the board room? Attending sessions in this CPD day will help you to understand the duties and obligations that you will face as board directors. You will get an introduction to risk management: understand the true nature of risk, learn how businesses can prepare for uncertainty, and examine the director’s role in managing risk.

Furthermore, you will explore how the finance and business management can get coordinated to overcome multiple barriers and become successful business partners and will identify the best practice in the leadership of strategic change.

Whether you’re a newly appointed director, aspiring to a position on the board, or looking to improve your performance with fresh insight, this practical cpd day will equip you with the crucial knowledge and skill-set to fulfil your role successfully.   

Course Leader

Raj Gandhi Raj Gandhi
Certified chartered accountant, finance, treasury and risk specialist. Experienced board member, ex-CFO London Capital Group Holdings.

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CPD Day Sessions

Depending on what you want to learn, you can choose to attend both morning or both afternoon sessions or all four session across the day.

Coaching Skills

Morning session:
Step to the Top

Assess, with a clear understanding of the role, whether you are ready or willing to become a board director.

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Morning session:
Risk Management and Value Creation

Evaluate risk by focusing on opportunities and add value through improved decision-making.

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Role of the Executive PA

Afternoon session:
Strategic Change - Making it Happen

Share your practical
experiences and develop a map of activities at each phase of the process.

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Role of the Managing Director

Afternoon session:
Finance Business Partnering

Explore how the finance and business management can get coordinated to become successful.

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There are currently no available dates.