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The IoD and me, Kieran Lambert


Kieran Lambert is managing director of Hertfordshire-based AGF Fire Protection Ltd, providers of bespoke fire management packages, consultancy services, risk assessments and training to clients in the UK, Europe, South Africa and the US.

Why did you originally join the IoD?

“What attracted me originally were the meetings, talks and networking events. They were the next step up for our business. The IoD helps me focus on my role and responsibilities as a company director, it gives me core values for its scope and nature and keeps me up to date. That’s important, because business has changed significantly over the last decade. At the IoD, you have the opportunity to talk with like-minded business leaders and bounce ideas off each other.”

What made you re-join the IoD after a couple of years off, and how has your perception of it changed?

“I returned after spending a couple of years working in USA. After attending the new members evening, I became much more aware of all the benefits the IoD has to offer, something I overlooked first time around. That’s one reason why I’ve recommended the IoD further.”

Have any IoD products or services directly benefited your business?

“The Business Information Service was particularly useful for us. Within 24 hours, the IoD team came back with a much fuller answer than we had been able to find ourselves. This reflected well on us as a business and I’ll definitely use it again.

“The IoD regional hubs are a fantastic resource, particularly when you travel across the country. They provide you with the right environment for meetings with clients or staff. I’ve been to Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham and recently scheduled a meeting at the IoD in Paris with one of our American clients – convenient and impressive!”

Have you made any connections through membership?

“I have made many through networking evenings. Discussing various challenges with people with no vested interest in my business has been very valuable. Connecting with other IoD members means you can tap into a wealth of experience, and you are in a position to help others and offer advice. So it’s a two-way process.”

Have you recommended membership to an associate?

“Yes. Some business associates joined and found the benefits, especially the talks and meeting space, very useful. On average, I probably use the IoD as a meeting space on a weekly basis. Having a central London location to meet with clients and prospects is such a valuable resource.”