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Exclusive Helpline: Business Sales, Acquisitions and Strategy


Professional benefits programme, specially negotiated for IoD members

If you have questions about a long-term business sale or acquisition but don’t want to engage a specialist yet, this IoD helpline can help you.

In association with Avondale, IoD members now have access to an exclusive helpline, offering free, expert telephone advice in complete confidence, without obligation.

Avondale have provided award-winning M&A services to SMEs for over 25 years, are masters in providing practical advice and guidance, and are the IoD’s preferred provider of business sales, acquisitions and strategy services.

01737 234892


Key details of helpline

  • Exclusive to IoD members
  • Complete confidentiality (anonymity if preferred) and with no obligation
  • Advice given over the telephone only (call charges apply)
  • Up to 1 ½ hours free advice per member in any calendar year, spread over one or a number of calls
  • Open 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, excluding UK public holidays
  • Depending on the nature of your enquiry, a call back from a specialist may need to be arranged

    How the service operates in detail

Typical questions

  • How does Brexit impact my business sale/acquisition plans?
  • I am looking to sell, but how do I make sure my son in law maintains his directorship in the company?
  • I want to sell, but how do I protect my legacy?
  • At what stage should I start tax planning in preparation for an exit
  • I am ready to sell and retire, but how do I cater for my fellow shareholders that are not interesting in retiring?
  • I am looking to retire, but we've just won a new contract. How do I know it’s the right time for my business?
  • I want to sell and focus on my new business. How do I reduce the handover period?
  • What should I do to increase the value of my company?
  • What is the value of my business?
  • Is acquisition the right way to grow my business?
  • How do I integrate 2 businesses post acquisition?
  • How do I obtain funding to acquire a new business?
  • My wife/husband is ill and I need to exit as soon as possible. What is the best way to do this?
  • 01737 234892

    Need a specialist?

    By employing a specialist, you can significantly increase value on exit and enhance return on investment when acquiring.

    Avondale, winners of 14 industry awards in 2016 and one of the UK’s most respected practices, provides IoD members with expertise and guidance to ensure you are fully prepared to reap maximum benefit.

    Specially negotiated for you...

    • 5% discount on all fees
    • Free strategy meeting
    • Value BuilderTM (as appropriate for business sales only)
    • Free initial business valuation (for business sales only)
    • Confidential advice line

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