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Non-executive Director Jobs and Recruitment

In association with Nurole, we’re helping IoD members to find their next board-level role or their next board-level hire.

Nurole is changing the way boards hire great people. Their tech-driven platform works better for organisations and candidates, with an 85% placement rate.

For organisations

Nurole blends the power and reach of technology, with a very human understanding, to provide best-in-class hiring for forward-thinking boards.

Specially negotiated for you…

  • 5% discount for IoD members on board-level recruitment advertising rates in 2021
Ways that Nurole helps boards:
  • Nurole works with publicly listed, investor-backed, private and family companies, start-ups and charities 
  • To source, screen and hire non-executive directors, chairs, trustees and advisory board members
  • To bring diversity, strategic insight, commercial, digital and other expertise, new perspectives, growth, international expansion

For candidates

Providing IoD members with access to the latest non-executive director-level jobs, and empowering brilliant people to apply for non-executive roles that match their skills, passions and availability.

Specially negotiated for you…

  • Simplified and fast track access to the board-level recruitment platform by virtue of being an IoD Member, Fellow or Chartered Director*
Why candidates like Nurole:
  • Free access to the platform
  • Power to apply for interesting roles directly 
  • Private profile prevents bombardment by irrelevant approaches
  • No time wasted networking for roles that might never happen 

Nurole 2

For organisations:
020 3637 1014

* IoD Members, Fellows and Chartered Directors will be provided with automatic access to the Nurole platform by virtue of being a member of the IoD and without any additional qualifications, subject to such member: 
a) being a Director of an Entity, which is a solvent going concern of Substance (being an Entity with a minimum annual turnover or budget of £250,000, or such higher figure as the Board may determine from time to time); and
b) either: 
i. having been a Director of an Entity for a minimum of 3 years and have been in business for a minimum of 7 years; or 
ii. having been a Director of an Entity for a minimum of 1 year, have been in business for a minimum of 5 years and have attended the IoD’s “Role of the Director and the Board” course (or such other course as the Board may determine)