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A hand marking a five-star service

Your IoD membership includes free access to the Information and Advisory Service, which gives specialist advice on all manner of business matters, ranging from tax issues and legal matters to employment contracts and overseas trading. 

Membership includes 25 calls to the Business Information Service, 25 calls to both the legal and tax helplines and four sessions with an IoD adviser on a range of issues from raising finance to board and shareholder disputes. The IAS is an invaluable aid to businesses, whatever the size or sector – to find out how valuable, just read the testimonials below.

What you say about our Business Information Service

Exceptional service – fast, flexible and comprehensiveI’m just kicking myself that I haven’t used this service before!”

Dr Richard White, commercial director, Oxfordshire

“Excellent level of information supplied, matching the brief 100 per cent. Fast response too”

John Adams, director, Leicestershire

“Many thanks for this information – it has already proved useful and enabled us to gain a meeting with a strong prospect client”

Oliver Randell, managing director, Lancashire

“The service is simply brilliant and adds so much value to my membership. I can't recommend it highly enough”

Andy Wilkinson, managing director, West Midlands

“The initial enquiry was dealt with in an exemplary manner and the depth and breadth of the information was much greater than I had anticipated. Furthermore the speed of response was amazing as the information was with me after 24 hours. As a SME it is reassuring to have such great support and it reinforces the case for membership (if it were needed!) of the IoD.” 

Barry Smith, director, North-West

“Superb service, quick turnaround, comprehensive feedback” 

Steven Bolton, director, North-West


What you say about our Directors' Advisory Service

“Many thanks for your assistance. Just to let you know I had a really beneficial call today. This is a great service for members and I will tell other IoD 99 members to make good use of the fantastic expertise available to us through the advisory service”

Miss Naomi Jane, director, London


Case study: Dr Richard White, commercial director, Oxford PharmaGenesis 

"I've used the Information Advisory Service (IAS) and the Business Information Service quite a few times since joining the IoD three years ago. Legal advice from the IAS has been helpful in steering us towards what we needed to do, rather than visiting a lawyer who’d probably tell us what to do and then present us with a big bill. The advice we received from the IoD was completely free.

"We used the Business Information Service recently to obtain some financial information on similar companies in our sector for benchmarking purposes. The information was more detailed than I thought possible – and it was extremely useful. That information would have taken a lot of time and effort for us to obtain, and we wouldn’t have known immediately where to start looking if we were trying to find it ourselves.

"We’re an SME – we have 120 employees – and because of that the IAS is invaluable because, unlike larger companies, we don’t have departments of people sitting around with the capacity to do analytics and research.

"Having access to the IAS as part of my membership is a fantastic benefit and has helped our business to make genuine savings. It’s a very easy service to use – and it gives you access to experts who can offer very good, targeted advice. It’s an exceptional service – fast, flexible and comprehensive.

Richard White is a member of IoD Oxfordshire.