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How to use the IoD Factsheet Collection

16 Aug 2019

The IoD Factsheet Collection consists of nearly 300 pieces of content. Each factsheet is provided to help IoD members be an effective director and a successful business leader. Many of the factsheets include functions which allow IoD members to request additional resources.

The core collection

The core collection is focused on the art and science of directing a business and effective corporate governance. Because the core collection reflects the IoD mission to make better directors and better companies, it is free to view.

Examples of the core content are:

What is the role of the board?

What is the role of non-executive director?

How to become a non-executive director

UK Corporate Governance Code

Issue-based factsheets

Some factsheets are devoted to issues which the IoD believes need to be addressed if UK companies are to deliver the greatest long-term value to both shareholders and stakeholders. You will notice that wellbeing is a prominent concern. These factsheets also help a director provide an effective response to the human issues which arise in people organisations.

Examples of issues-based content are:

Making a start- what is mental wellbeing at work?

Menopause and the workplace

Bereavement and the workplace

Sexual Harassment

The general collection

The general collection is exclusive to IoD members and provides support to help meet the typical challenges of running a business. This is the largest part of the collection and covers everything from deciding if running your own business is for you, to selling the successful business you have built. In between, you can find advice on setting up, marketing, getting paid, managing employees and much more.

Using the factsheets to access other resources

A large number of factsheets provide an option for IoD members to request additional resources which can be used in their work. The core collection includes options to request the contracts used to appoint executive and non-executive directors. Factsheets which reference a specific workplace policy will provide an option to request a template policy for real world use. All GDPR-related factsheets allow IoD members to request template policies to help make them GDPR compliant.

The factsheet gateway to the IoD Information and Advisory Service

The factsheets make frequent reference to the IoD Information & Advisory Service (IAS), which maintains the factsheet collection. For IoD members, free access to the IAS ensures that the IoD supports your professional life inbetween IoD events and professional development courses.

The Information & Advisory Service consists of two core supports to IoD members:

Business Information Service – A team of researchers available to investigate any subject of interest to you. The BIS has access to company and market research databases you would otherwise have to pay for. IoD members who use the BIS describe it as one of the best benefits of IoD membership.

Directors Advisory Service – A panel of lawyers, accountants, marketing advisors and other business professionals available for one-to-one consultations.

If you cannot find a factsheet relevant to your situation, the IAS will either support you with research or set up a consultation with a relevant advisor.

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