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The role of the Director of Information Technology

02 Sep 2019

The Director of Information Technology directs and controls the development, implementation and maintenance of the company's information and communications strategy and systems.

They also introduce and maintain appropriate data security, to support the business objectives of the company.

Main responsibilities

  • Direct and control the staff of the information technology and communications department to ensure that they are well motivated and receive all necessary training and development to enable them to carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.
  • Contribute to the development of the company's strategic and business plans, particularly in relation to information technology and communications systems, in support of the company's mission and core objectives.
  • Develop an annual business plan and operating budget for the department and monitor the implementation of these to ensure that financial targets are met.
  • Negotiate service level agreements with internal customers and service providers and monitor service delivery to ensure that agreed targets and standards are met.
  • Negotiate contracts with external providers for services and products which cannot be provided internally and monitor service delivery to ensure that agreed targets and standards are met.
  • Direct the development and implementation of company-wide information and communications systems which provide all required support to company operations.
  • Develop and introduce processes, procedures and systems, to ensure the cyber security and confidentiality of all company data and to provide protection against internal and external threats. 
  • Oversee the management of all data and information flows within the company to ensure that comprehensive and accurate management information is available as required.
  • Provide a company-wide source of expertise on information technology and communications to ensure that managers and staff have the best possible information for effective decision-making and accessing data.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive and effective help desk service to provide technical support to systems users.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of all developments relevant to information technology and cyber security and upgrade internal systems as necessary.

Knowledge skills and experience required

The role requires:

  • A degree in a computer-related subject.
  • Membership of relevant professional body.
  • At least five years experience in the design, development and implementation of information technology and communications systems.
  • Comprehensive experience of developing management information and communications systems.
  • Substantial management experience and experience of managing budgets.
  • A broad understanding of computer systems, computer applications and operating systems.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Negotiation skills.

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