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Tech & entrepreneurship Articles

The IoD has long been the home of entrepreneurship in the UK, and start-up founders still represent the fastest growing group within the IoD’s membership. Making sure we have the right policies in place to help these businesses to start and grow has never been more important.

The UK consistently outstrips international competitors as a top destination for company founders and tech companies. Bolstered by a deep pool of finance, a relatively light touch regulatory environment and a strong skills base, the number of start-ups and tech firms putting down roots in the UK has grown significantly every year since the financial crisis. However, there is still more to be done.

The next few years will see the policy challenge shift ever more towards how we can take the UK from a start-up economy to a full blown scale up powerhouse. At the same time, questions around the pace of technological change are already dominating the political debate, and business must ensure it has the right answers.

The IoD has long been a key player within these debates, and will be at the forefront of taking the start-up voice into Government over the coming years.

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