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Infrastructure & energy

Infrastructure comprises a wide range of policy areas, all of which have a deep, but sometimes unheralded effect on the prosperity of businesses in the UK. Among the most prominent areas of infrastructure policy are transport, energy, and telecoms.

Projects like new motorways and new airports play a key role in increasing capacity for companies to connect and grow. Ensuring energy infrastructure is as efficient as possible is crucial to providing businesses with sufficiently affordable inputs, which is vital for the bottom line. Areas of infrastructure like housing also impact business in a way which, though less obvious, is nonetheless pivotal – influencing the price of premises, and the cost and ease of labour supply.

These policy areas are often situated at the intersection of the public and private sectors, which can serve to make reaching consensus particularly knotty. The IoD seeks to promote an approach to infrastructure that is both accommodating to businesses, and looks to the long-term.

The Future of Connected Business


How do we make the UK the best connected country in the world? This report explores priorities for the Government in the short to medium-term, as well as ideas for long-term, transformational change.

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Future proofing energy


To stay competitive and prosper, the Government can play a positive role in enabling a more competitive energy environment with these measures within the constraints of a decarbonising world.

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Future proofing infrastructure


In the 21st Century, the new challenge is to make our infrastructure investments smarter and backed by wider public support. In a resource constrained world, this requires an ‘infrastructure best value index’ to score potential projects against each other.

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