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Your recap: Connected business at IoD Open House

23 Mar 2018

In March we hosted a three-day festival of business - IoD Open House. Throwing open the doors of our London headquarters at 116 Pall Mall, we invited a wealth of expert speakers to share their experiences with delegates via a mix of keynote addresses, seminar discussions and intimate workshops.

The focus of IoD Open House revolved around four key topics: Global Business, Connected Business, Inclusive Business, and Future Business

Connected Business

We’re wired to connect… the best business happens when the right people are working together to go further and achieve more, that person that challenges you to think differently, you learn something new from a mentor, or you offer a piece of advice to someone starting out. Technology, infrastructure, networks, and industry should enable us to do what we do best...

Attendees can recap specific sessions from the IoD Open House schedule in their entirety, below...


Grassroots to Global: Staying true to your vision

From notes on napkins to flourishing SMEs, we’ll examine the challenges of business growth, offering insight and advice from one of the UK’s most successful global challengers.

Breaking up the Boys Broadcasting Club, How Carrie Gracie took on the BBC

The BBC’s first China Editor, multi-award-winning journalist Carrie Gracie talks about her three decades of experience at the organisation, and her motivation for challenging the status quo at what remains one of the UK’s most-valued institutions

Data As Infrastructure: Driving growth and innovation

Discussing the potential of data to drive innovation in your business, looking at how new data and privacy regulations could translate into a business growth opportunity.

How colleague connectivity can boost wellness in the workplace

For businesses to thrive in the connected world, they need to connect with people - their lives, their hopes and ambitions. Here we look at how increasing connectivity can improve productivity and take your business to the next level.


Unprofessional Innovation: having fun while disrupting the status quo

Will Butler Adams speaks about disrupting the status quo, causing chaos and taking risks to scale up and grow a business. Sometimes you have focus on having a bit of fun and just go for it!

Lifelong Learning: Keeping workers in skilled employment

Peter Horrocks discusses the impact of workplace automation and benefits of lifelong learning, focusing on how our education system, employers and workforce need to adapt, train and develop to ensure a future for skilled workers.


GDPR: Compliance Crash Course

Navigating the intricacies of data protection for your business can be daunting. In this workshop we address the newly increased territorial scope and how it applies to you, consumer consent and how to avoid non-compliance and penalties

Volatile Currencies: Taking back control

International trade is growing. Understand how to identify and manage foreign currency risks, protect profits, take advantage of business and market opportunities and truly know the impact of decisions and market movements..

A practical guide to cyber security to reinforce your cyber strategy

Covering two key elements of cyber security - firstly, helping you increase awareness and develop or expand a cyber security strategy. Secondly, to realise, react and reflect on a security attack and stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats.

Access the other full sessions from IoD Open House here:

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