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You don’t need to be Google to address mental health at work

23 Jan 2018

Most businesses aren’t Google - built to incorporate mental health in the workplace agenda - and it doesn’t matter!

There is one simple and effective business strategy that any company can employ immediately. It won’t cost a penny, but it will create value. A strategy that over time will build brand loyalty, brand value, and brand awareness.

All you have to do is…

Open office doors and encourage staff to mingle. You could do it right now. Tell staff to talk - no idea is too small and no grievance is insignificant. Tell staff to talk to their boss’s boss. Good communication within a company creates a sense of belonging and perceived worth. This worth aids good mental health, which in turn boosts productivity and we all know there are the statistics to prove it.

Open the lines of communication and hear what staff has to say. Maybe the kettle is never fixed for those making tea, or you might discover that an apprentice or intern has a new idea which solves an on-going problem, because they have come in with fresh eyes. Listening and acting on what staff have to say can create infinitely positive side effects. Managers who listen to grievances or new ideas can solve dissidence and develop new business ideas. 

Fostering a caring work environment not only promotes a happy and healthy workforce and improves productivity, but it can also promote responsibility for the production of their work and a more careful execution of it. This new-found care inherently links to the business offering and perceived brand value.

So there it is. A simple, cost effective step to boost business whilst incorporating a new mental health agenda. By opening the lines of communication in a business, in between the apprentice and the CEO, a business will engender value intrinsically. This is certainly the easiest constructive tool on any mental health agenda.

Victoria Walford portait image

Victoria Walford, founder, Pocket Stress Buster

On May 2nd 2007, Victoria survived a near fatal car accident when a car turned right and drove through her whilst cycling - the seed for Pocket Stress Buster (PSB) was sewn. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, refusing drugs she returned to university to study psychology to help herself heal. Whilst healing she founded an award-winning Free-From bakery, Victorious Baking, but the wounds were slow to heal and over time she took greater pleasure in using her understanding of healing to help others. In 2015 another accident stalled her further however, the healing time helped her formulate Pocket Stress Buster which is due to launch this Autumn:

 Pocket Stress Buster - take control today and learn to actively manage your stress, anxieties, depression and traumatic experiences (including PTSD). What do you want to achieve? Be your own psychologist - in just 6 weeks learn the tricks of the trade and feel better from day 1. Be part of a private online community and or book a live online video consultation with Victoria. Pocket Stress Buster is unique, based on the Theory of Mind using a specific blend of scientifically proven tools. 

 Victoria is currently undertaking an MsC in EMDR specialising in Complex Trauma and runs retreats in Italy for the weary - enquire here for more information. 

You can contact Victoria on LinkedIn:  Victoria Walford / Pocket Stress Buster

Mental health in the workplace

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