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Mental health, mindfulness and business

01 Mar 2017

A woman relaxing by an open window From the world of politics to big business and education, everyone is talking about the benefits of mindfulness

Given the frantic pace at which most of us live our lives, it is little wonder mental health issues have begun to dwarf other wellness concerns of the 21st century.

In the view of the World Health Organisation, mental illness will overtake cancer and heart disease to become the biggest burden on global healthcare resources within 15 years.

However, the snowballing popularity among business people for a meditation technique dating back 3,000 years (but reworked in a modern, secular context) is seeing a growing list of organisations, including BT, Google, JP Morgan, PwC, Capital One, Transport for London and the Home Office, climbing aboard the brain-train.

So, what is mindfulness? “At its heart, mindfulness is all about indulging in a short period of constructive inactivity every day,” says Mark Williams, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford and director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

And with more than 2,000 separate research studies indicating that this ancient Zen Buddhism meditation technique can improve mental and physical wellbeing, isn’t it time you introduced some brain training to your company?

Learn more about mindfulness…

  • How to define what it is… and what it isn’t
  • What happened when 400 BT staff signed up for an online mindfulness pilot in conjunction with the Mental Health Foundation’s Be Mindful campaign
  • How mindfulness works within an SME or a large company

Find out more by reading the full article here

Mental health in the workplace

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