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In Good Company - Day In The Life

A day in the life - Steve Frew

31 Aug 2018
Steve Frew, commonwealth gold medal gymnast, on parallel bars


Steve Frew, Commonwealth Games gold medal winner and business coach

Steve was Scotland's first ever gymnast to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal, and now does corporate business coaching. He lives in London with his wife.

What time does your alarm go off?

My alarm goes of at 7am. This is usually followed by some quiet time to reflect and plan the day. Then I'll stretch and workout before having breakfast and checking my emails.

Teenage Steve braced on gymnastic ringsHow did you get your job?

My current job was a bit of a natural progression from being an international athlete. I worked as an athlete mentor for Sky Sports for seven years, travelling around the UK, and through this I was taught how to package and deliver a person's story in a way that impacts an audience.

Describe your typical day

My typical day will always involve exercise, food and family time, but can also include visits to various businesses, schools and organisations around the country to deliver keynotes or workshops.

Most memorable moment?

Winning Scotland's first ever gymnastics Commonwealth Games gold medal, and my wedding. In no particular order!

What's the best advice you've been given?

Take action.

What are the best things about your job?

I get to inspire and positively impact the lives of other people. This gives me a sense of purpose. I also get to travel a lot.

How do you unwind after work?

I tend to go out for a run or a long walk.

Where do you go for personal or professional advice?

The IoD of course!

What do you attend/read/watch to get ideas and inspiration?

I try to attend conferences, read inspirational books and watch documentaries, but I also take a lot of inspiration from observations of daily life.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?

I always eat well, and drink lots of water.

What would have been your alternative career?

Probably something creative, like an artist, an actor, or a stuntman.

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