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Future of flexible work: What matters to business

02 Jun 2017

The world of employment is changing. Shifting demographics and the diminishing cost of new technologies are shaping different attitudes to work across the world.

In the UK, this trend has been widely associated with the rise of self-employment and platforms in the gig economy.These disruptive trends should be cause for celebration as they create more routes into work and increase the flexibility that people increasingly look for in jobs. 

However, as the trend towards self-employment continues, there are specific challenges that need to be overcome. This manifesto explores some of the steps the next Government should be taking to address them.

Future of flexible work

Jamie Kerr Head of Entrepreneurship and Tech

Jamie Kerr, Head of Entrepreneurship and Tech Policy

Jamie leads the IoD's policy work on behalf of start-ups and works closely with the IoD99, the IoD's 1,500-strong network for young entrepreneurs.


Seamus Nevin, Head of Employment and Skills Polic

Seamus Nevin, Head of Employment and Skills Policy

Seamus leads the IoD’s work on employee relations, and improving and reforming schools, higher education, further education and vocational training to meet the skills needs of UK employers.


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