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Launched in 2008 to help fulfil the terms of our Royal Charter, Policy Voice is an online insight community allowing members to share their views on key business topics each month.

By seeking our members’ opinions on the issues that matter to business leaders in the UK, we are able to contribute to the key three pillars of the IoD’s mission statement to:

  • Represent the interests of IoD members to government by influencing public policy
  • Represent the interests of the business community in all public fora – by generating substantial media coverage
  • Foster a climate favourable to entrepreneurial activity and wealth creation – by taking a prominent role in thought leadership

Key topics for Policy Voice include skills, exports, and the UK economy; which are then collected and conveyed to national media outlets, government, and policymakers as the definitive authority on the views of business leaders.

Policy Voice participants, which now top 3,000 members, are thanked with regular invitations to exclusive events and consistent feedback on how their contributions have been utilised to represent their interests.

Our 2016 Year in Review contains a summary of key issues raised and opinions sourced over a tumultuous year in the UK.

Policy Voice 2016: a year in review

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