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Your recap: Inclusive business at IoD Open House

23 Mar 2018
Inclusive business at the IoD Open House

In March we hosted a three-day festival of business - IoD Open House. Throwing open the doors of our London headquarters at 116 Pall Mall, we invited a wealth of expert speakers to share their experiences with delegates via a mix of keynote addresses, seminar discussions and intimate workshops.

The focus of IoD Open House revolved around four key topics: Global Business, Connected Business, Inclusive Business, and Future Business

Inclusive Business

Business is welcome to everyone… diverse business doesn’t just accept difference, it embraces it. It understands that when there is real difference, we’re challenged to think differently, to collaborate, to innovate and to be better than we were before. We have come far and we’re making strides, but we need to push ourselves further. We’re told that variety is the spice of life. Let’s make that as true for the experiences we have, as for the people we choose to work with...

Attendees can recap specific sessions from the IoD Open House schedule in their entirety, below...


Making Change Happen: Aligning personal purpose with a business mission

Caroline Casey, award-winning social entrepreneur, businesswoman and founder of #valuable on why she believes that for significant change to happen, we must combine purpose driven leadership and purpose driven business. Leaders must align their personal purposes with their business mission to generate meaningful success...


Wellness in the workplace, with Tanni-Grey Thompson

With new knowledge about how physical and mental ill health impacts business productivity, Tanni-Grey Thompson leads a panel looking at ways to create a workplace environment that both protects and improves people’s wellbeing.

Inclusive Recruitment: How to find and keep the best talent

Navigating the waters of international trade can be complex. Our panel of business experts will explore the opportunities and challenges in today’s global trade landscape.

Untapped Talent: Disability in the workplace

With 13.5 million people living with a disability in the UK, Mike Adams asks how workplaces can change, grow and develop to include this highly valuable group of people?

So you support diversity in the STEM sector - Now what?

Lots of companies in the STEM sector talk about diversity and their commitment to creating an inclusive culture in their workplaces but few actually walk the talk so the numbers remain unchanged and the benefits remain untapped. What are women saying about working in STEM sectors and what can you do to bridge the gap in your business?


Understanding and building emotional intelligence in the workplace

In this masterclass from the School of Life, you’ll learn why emotional intelligence is so important to your performance at work. You’ll also learn about how philosophy and psychology can help you understand and build your emotional intelligence

Access the other full sessions from IoD Open House here:

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