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Your recap: Future business at IoD Open House

23 Mar 2018
Discussions of future business at IoD Open House

In March we hosted a three-day festival of business - IoD Open House. Throwing open the doors of our London headquarters at 116 Pall Mall, we invited a wealth of expert speakers to share their experiences with delegates via a mix of keynote addresses, seminar discussions and intimate workshops.

The focus of IoD Open House revolved around four key topics: Global Business, Connected Business, Inclusive Business, and Future Business. 

Future Business

The future is now…. it’s exciting, maybe a little bit scary, but full of anticipation and far–reaching possibilities. In order to thrive, you need to know the risks and threats and be open to new opportunities. Most importantly, you need to have the skills and knowledge to add real value to grow your business; to lead from the front. In the future, what are the businesses, countries and industries that will influence? What are the ideas that will change our lives forever?

Attendees can recap specific sessions from the IoD Open House schedule in their entirety, below...


Charging Ahead: Nissan powering tomorrow

We are at the beginning of a major change in our society. After many years we see concrete steps from governments and large corporations driving our society towards a sustainable future. How will that change be translated into supportable technology and energy services?

Life in the Fast Lane: From apprentice to CEO of McLaren Automotive

With three decades in the car industry where he started out as a technician’s apprentice, Mike Flewitt talks about his journey to become CEO of McLaren Automotive.

Work in the 21st Century and beyond

This panel session explores how businesses, individuals and Government should pull together to meet the urgent challenges of digitisation and automation. Matthew Taylor, adviser to Tony Blair in Downing Street and current Chief Executive of the RSA will start off the session with insight into his commission by Theresa May to lead the seminal review into the future of work,

The rise of the robot: Will automation lead to obsoletion?

With dire predictions abounding of automation and algorithms making human work obsolete, we look at how we ensure that humans and machines can work in harmony.

Digital Transformation's and other dangerous buzzwords

Jargon gets dangerous when people try to use it to run a company, yet unfortunately that's what many 'digital transformation' programmes often boil down to. In this talk based on her new book, 'Digital Transformation: Build Your Organization's Future for the Innovation Age', Lindsay Herbert will share some of her own hard-won lessons, as well as from other global leaders.

Designing Innovation: How creativity and insight give business meaning

This session explores how innovators build meaning into products and services through creativity and insight, looking at how innovation can create an unbeatable and sustainable competitive advantage.

Open House 2038: Stephen Martin on what will we be talking about here in 20 years

From unimaginable technological advances to changes in working lifestyles, IoD's Director General Stephen Martin closes the three-day Open House with a glimpse at the future of business in 2038.


How is FinTech the Future for Financial Wellbeing?

With a focus on how new technologies can help transform your own business, this session addresses the need for financial inclusion and how it can drive the retention of top talent, productivity and the bottom line.

Volatile cryptocurrency and game-changing blockchain – what does the future hold?

DCyptocurrency, the digital asset that has the business world talking. We discuss the highs and woes of bitcoin,can it get passed this ‘blip’ and join it’s successful cousin blockchain in a revolution that could transform how almost every industry will operate in the future.

The new generation of business leaders breaking new ground in the workplace

In conversation with some of the UK's brightest young business leaders, innovators and game changers, this session explores the potential of tomorrow’s leaders. Find out how the next generation is transforming the way we work, reshaping the boardroom and changing the way we do business.


Cyber risk: No law can fix stupid

Many of the recent high profile cyber attacks have been attributed to basic mistakes being made by the companies affected. Here we look at how businesses can identify and manage potential cyber risk issues before they become the next target to be called “stupid”.

Staying Cyber-Secure: Protecting your data, assets and customers

In today’s hyper-connected world, evolving threats, and new regulations like GDPR make cyber security a Board and C-suite responsibility. From managing risks to building resiliency, our panel shares how robust approaches help protect data and assets and bring advantages your customers value

Future Businesses: Achieving performance and productivity through safety and health

IOSH, the Chartered body for safety and health professionals, launched a report focusing on the global trends influencing the world of work. Attendees gained a unique insight into how future-focused organisations are driving performance and productivity through a responsible business model.

The Digital Organisation – Where people meet technology

Can culture as strategy deliver high ROI? In this session, we share research and insights into what organisational culture really means, and how leveraging your company culture can improve individual and business performance.

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