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Your recap: Future business at IoD Open House

23 Mar 2018
Discussions of future business at IoD Open House

In March we hosted a three-day festival of business - IoD Open House. Throwing open the doors of our London headquarters at 116 Pall Mall, we invited a wealth of expert speakers to share their experiences with delegates via a mix of keynote addresses, seminar discussions and intimate workshops.&

The focus of IoD Open House revolved around four key topics: Global Business, Connected Business, Inclusive Business, and Future Business. 

Future Business

The future is now…. it’s exciting, maybe a little bit scary, but full of anticipation and far–reaching possibilities. In order to thrive, you need to know the risks and threats and be open to new opportunities. Most importantly, you need to have the skills and knowledge to add real value to grow your business; to lead from the front. In the future, what are the businesses, countries and industries that will influence? What are the ideas that will change our lives forever….?

Attendees can recap specific sessions from the IoD Open House schedule in their entirety, below. Simply sign in or register below for complete access...

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