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Why seizing competitive advantage has never been so important

11 Nov 2016

Donald Trump winning the US electionIn association with Avondale

Kevin Uphill, chairman of Avondale, explains why predicting the future and identifying trends becomes critical to achieving competitive advantage and success in an unprecedented period

The established political order in the West continues its dramatic transition apace with the news that Trump has been voted in as US president. This follows closely in the wake of Brexit and there is little doubt that this story has many more twists and turns to come. We are in an unprecedented period of accelerated global change which leaves the business community in limbo with a strong feeling of uncertainty.

Yet it is this very flux that creates opportunity. Change favours the strategic, the agile and those who are prepared shrug off the status quo, to adapt to change and potentially disrupt their traditional business model to turn adversity into success. 

Predicting the future and identifying trends becomes critical to achieving competitive advantage and success. Leaders need to think strategically, creatively and most importantly, quickly. Organic growth is not the only solution; indeed, strategic M&A moves centre stage in these disruptive times. Seeking efficiencies is no longer enough, they need to understand, predict and respond agilely to trends and underlying movements to stay ahead of dynamic market flow and change. For businesses to thrive, this must become second nature, business owners have to be in tune with the economic and business jungle drum, it is then they will be able to act with the speed required to create competitive advantage.

The views expressed in blogs such as the above are those of the author and do not represent the views of the Institute of Directors.

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There has never been a more important time for business leaders to be agile. But how do you stay ahead of the pack when the economic environment is global, ultra-competitive and in a state of flux?

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Headshot of Kevin Uphill, Chairman, Avondale

Kevin Uphill

Kevin Uphill enables business owners to enhance equity value, and maximise business sales and acquisitions via mentoring. Working with his team, he is also a successful lead dealmaker through his professional practice, Avondale. As well as being a business strategist, he runs a series of thought-provoking, content-rich and inspirational keynote speeches, seminars and masterclasses – regularly endorsed internationally – for creating business growth and transaction success. 

Kevin Uphill is a member of IoD Surrey.

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