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Uber ruling “a victory for consumers and innovation”

17 Oct 2015

The Institute of Directors has welcomed a High Court ruling which has declared that ride-hailing app Uber does not break the law.

Simon Walker, Director General at the Institute of Directors, said:

“The ruling by the High Court is a victory for consumers and innovation. Britain should be at the centre of disruptive technology and this decision will give businesses around the world confidence that we welcome new ideas.

“Uber’s competitors are understandably aggrieved by the new kids on the block. Now that this latest legal battle is over, regulators and lawmakers must look at ways to boost competition in industries which are being radically transformed. Where there are genuine concerns, it is right that regulators get involved. But lawmakers must remember that consumers come first and not cave in to vested interests clamouring for protection.

“Unfortunately, the proposals currently being considered by Transport for London fail this crucial test. Five-minute wait times, a ban on displaying available cars, and a block on drivers working for more than one company simply don’t make sense. They will frustrate passengers and embed inefficiency. If politicians cave in to powerful lobbies, these ridiculous fights between new and old players will continue to plague the march of innovative ideas which boost our economy.”

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