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The Chair's blog - July 2019

31 Jul 2019

Time is marching onwards, and we have now passed the mid-year point.

One key piece of business for the weeks ahead is the hiring of a new DG for the IoD. The Nomination Committee, represented by an even mix of Board and Council members, wanted to ensure the recruitment process was carried out to the highest level, and getting this right requires thorough preparation. We wanted to attract as many candidates as possible from the widest possible group.

The IoD are in a period of change and we wanted candidates to be clear of that and and be ready to drive this forward, building on the priorities we have set out previously. As I have mentioned before, we also wanted to be transparent on remuneration in the interests of good governance.

We had an amazing response to our advertisement of the role, both in terms of quality and quantity of candidates. It truly brought home to us that the IoD is an organisation capable of attracting the best.

Having worked through all the applications we arrived at a long list of candidates, who will be interviewed firstly by our recruitment agency, and then by a panel of Council and Board members. First-round panel interviews of the long listed candidates will take place by the end of August, with second-round interviews of a shortlist conducted subsequently.

The IoD is a fantastic organisation with an accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge both in our membership and our staff everywhere. The more aligned we all are, the more influential we can be as an organisation.

The last month has been a month of widespread collaboration between many people involved with the IoD globally. The Board has sought input from many stakeholders on what will make the organisation improve further. When embarking on change more input is better than less. As we seek to set the IoD for the next 100 years in a sustainable way, no stone should go unturned.

My father always told me “Jump life before life jumps you." I took that to heart and have tried to live my life, both privately and professionally, in this vein. The IoD needs to do the same. We need to make conscious decisions, not drifting but steering with purpose. Our aim should be to lead by example as we continue to grow while supporting the growth of our community of members in the UK and beyond.

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