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Starting & Scaling a Business

08 May 2017

The IoD's Head of Entrepreneurship and Tech Policy Jamie Kerr introduces the first of the IoD's Manifesto papers into what business wants from government after the General Election. 

While Brexit continues to dominate the conversations that politicians are having on the doorstep, business leaders are looking for commitments from the next Government that go beyond the cut and thrust of negotiations with the EU. With rapid technological change presenting entrepreneurs with both exciting opportunities and difficult challenges, whoever is Prime Minister on 9th June will need to make sure that the right safeguards are in place to help businesses start, grow, and thrive in the uncertain years to come.

This challenge lies at the heart of the IoD’s first ‘minifesto’ paper, ‘Starting and Scaling a Business’.

The UK start-up story in the decade since the financial crisis has been one of success, with more businesses being created year on year. However, more must be done to make sure that these companies move from being plucky young-start-ups, to fully throttled, scaling enterprises. The UK lags many of our key competitors when it comes to this ‘scale-up gap’, and closing it will ensure that we remain out in front in the increasingly crowded global race for talent, technology, and investment.

This document lays out some of the key measures that we will be pushing all parties on in the run up to the election. Chief among our proposals are steps that the next Government should be taking to ensure that the crucial pipeline for global talent remains intact. We are also pushing for politicians of all stripes to commit to keeping the UK’s landscape for access to finance as broad and varied as ever.

Starting and Scaling a Business

Jamie Kerr Head of Entrepreneurship and Tech

Jamie Kerr, Head of Entrepreneurship and Tech Policy

Jamie leads the IoD's policy work on behalf of start-ups and works closely with the IoD99, the IoD's 1,500-strong network for young entrepreneurs.

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