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Southern strikes ‘are bringing wheels of commerce to a halt’

13 Dec 2016

Train waiting at stationCommenting on the strike on Southern Railway, Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, said:

“Our members need to be able to rely on the transport system, but these strikes are bringing the wheels of commerce to a halt. Losing three whole days, plus more after Christmas, is a huge blow. It’s very hard to see how the dispute between the unions and Southern railway justifies this economic damage, and the personal damage to people whose livelihoods have been imperilled.

“This industrial action is in contrast to the generally constructive relationship between private sector unions and companies we have seen in recent years. Just this week, the IoD has campaigned alongside the TUC to get the Government to secure the status of EU workers in the UK. Where there have been failures in business, such as at Sports Direct, we have joined with unions and shareholders to criticise lapses of corporate governance.

“Aslef and the RMT should follow the example of moderate trade unionists and reconsider whether this extensive programme of strikes is really legitimate. If they do not, then other union leaders should be prepared to call out this harmful intransigence.”
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