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Chartered Director

Pre-webinar questions: Managing uncertainty

12 Nov 2018

How successful boards manage uncertainty: we want your thoughts!

Join Simon Callow and Deb Rubin of RHR International, a premier firm of leadership development consultants, for an insightful webinar as they discuss the critical factors that underpin the success of boards when dealing with ambiguity: ensuring quality debate, asking and encouraging tough questions, and encouraging diversity of thought.

We'll be welcoming Simon and Deb to the IoD on Tuesday 27 November at 1pm to share their for directors everywhere, so feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues and network beyond the IoD. Register for the webinar here.

In the meantime, we have three questions that will help to shape the content of the webinar around your needs and thoughts:

1) What are some of the uncertainties/disruptive risks you face as a company?

2) How does this uncertainty impact the dynamics of the board and the relationship with the executive committee?

3) What behaviors/actions at the board level have been particularly helpful? What behaviors/actions have been less effective?

Please send your answers to us at by Friday 23rd November!

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