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Brexit - News

Post-Brexit Immigration Policy

14 Oct 2016

queue of people at airport

For the United Kingdom to be an economic success outside the European Union, employers must prosper. Access to skills will be vital to helping achieve that prosperity. One of the many things the government will need to do is ensure that whatever new immigration policy is to be implemented, businesses, universities and public services are not prevented from accessing the international workers our economy needs.

Given how politically contentious the issue of immigration has become, it is likely to be the most politically fraught area of policy post-Brexit. The Leave majority was, in part, a vote of no confidence in how successive governments have managed immigration. Many voters feel that policymakers have failed to listen to their concerns or to show they can assert control. Yet, for employers, access to skilled migrants and uncertainty about the future status of their immigrant employees already resident here, or their British employees working overseas, are among their foremost concerns. Finding a way to accommodate these two, at times contradictory, objectives raises important questions about what shape future UK immigration policy should take. 

The IoD here sets out a 12-point plan to help the government control migration in a way which supports economic growth, works for businesses and addresses public concerns.

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