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Mapping Mental Health for Business Leaders

02 Apr 2019

It’s a cliché that those who do most to care for others don’t have time to look out for themselves.

In the case of many business leaders, however, this has a ring of truth.

Business leaders can find it ‘lonely at the top’, with an entire organisation’s stresses and strains to look after but little outlet to share their own concerns. Too often directors must cope with ever-mounting responsibilities, but without the support they can rely on increasing in tandem.

That’s why, when we relaunched our Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace campaign in February 2019, we wanted to put extra focus on supporting business leaders themselves.

Now, to mark Stress Awareness month, we are pleased to release our new mental health action pack – a take-away guide for business leaders covering the basics of what you can do for yourself and your organisation. Drawing on advice from the experts, this guide, Mapping Mental Health for Business Leaders, aims to provide you with tangible tools and resources to help create a positive mental health environment for your company.

Hopefully you’ll have had a chance to survey the new content covering topics like mental health first aid, burnout, and wellbeing measurement that have been added to our Mental Health Hub on the IoD website.

Meanwhile, we’ve been equipping our Advisory Service with new resources, including a bereavement advice specialist to help you manage this often difficult subject. Mental wellbeing will also form an important strand of our Inclusivity-focused Open House on the Road events.

When we asked our members about mental health late last year, four fifths reported that it had directly affected their work. Put simply, this is a crucial issue for business, and we will do everything we can to help you manage the extra challenges that come with being a leader.

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