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MPs’ call for moratorium on fracking is “hopelessly misguided” - IoD

26 Jan 2015

An attempt by MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee to prevent the UK’s fledging shale industry from taking flight was dismissed as “hopelessly misguided” today by business leaders. Dan Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Adviser at the Institute of Directors, said:

“The recommendations of the EAC go against the findings of the Environment Agency, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that a properly regulated shale industry can manage environmental risks and actually help us to reduce carbon emissions.

“This hopelessly misguided report completely fails to recognise that by refusing to extract our own gas by fracking, the only results will be that the UK imports more gas from abroad. It also ignores the important use of natural gas in heating our homes and the UK’s manufacturing industries.  Our political leaders already have all the information they need to decide that shale is an important part of our energy mix, and should push ahead for a well-regulated fracking industry that creates jobs and reduces our reliance on imported gas.”   

 The IoD produced its second major report on shale in May 2013, looking at the potential benefits in terms of jobs and tax, and what the industry would have to do to prove it was fully meeting its safety obligations.

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