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Lifelong Learning: Reforming education for an age of technological and demographic change

18 Apr 2016

'Human' Robot sat down, deep in thoughtDemographic and technological changes are transforming the world of work. These changes inevitably raise concerns about the impact of this impending revolution on the number of jobs and the future of society. However, the ageing workforce and the so-called ‘rise of the robots’ do not need to presage the apocalypse that so many are predicting.

Since the first industrial revolution, each wave of economic change has been met with public anxiety. Yet, in the long run, each bout of worry has proved misplaced. The lesson from these events is the importance of enabling people to re-skill and upskill in order to succeed in the new economy.

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to radically alter the world of work, reforming education and training will be of vital importance. This paper highlights four key areas where significant progress needs to be made to ensure the UK is prepared to succeed in this new economic landscape and sets out a roadmap for preparing education to meet the needs of 21st century employment.

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Seamus Nevin, Head of Employment & Skills Policy

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