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Enterprising Women

Juliet Morris: Did You Know?

01 Feb 2017

Juliet Morris speaking header

Four facts about the IoD’s Enterprising Women host

  1. “I did loads of reading - three or four novels a week,” Juliet says of her time studying English and Drama at Hull University. “I worked out that I could read 50 pages an hour and if I had been out the night before - which was most nights - the time my alarm would go off would depend on the number of pages I had to read before lectures the following day….Often this meant having to wake up at 3 in the morning (which I actually rather enjoyed as the rest of the world was asleep!).” She went on to do a one-year course in radio journalism at Falmouth College of Art, but gave up the course when she saw an ad for a television reporter on BBC South-West.

  2. Juliet attended Lady Eleanor Hollis in Hampton Court, Surrey, where she struggled with being left handed. “Do you remember those vile plastic chairs with the little tables on the arm, designed for writing?” she says. “And the arm was always on the right-hand-side? It was always incredibly uncomfortable to lean over yourself to write on the ‘wrong’ side.”

  3. In November 1991, on Newsround, Juliet broke the news to the nation’s younger denizens of the release of hostage Terry Waite.

  4. She is widely remembered for her in-depth and moving Panorama report on suicide in young men in which she revealed that her younger brother commit suicide at the age of 24.

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Juliet will be hosting The Enterprising Women Summit 2017 on 16 June. Join us and some of the country’s most inspirational business women to hear fascinating stories, learn how to implement lasting changes in your company and leave motivated to accelerate your career.

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