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News Chartered Director Good Governance

Is whistleblowing working? An upcoming webinar

14 Jun 2019

Effective whistleblowing procedures are seen as an essential feature of modern corporate governance. 

Time and time again, the willingness of individuals to speak out about wrongdoing in their organisations has been crucial in identifying fraudulent or inappropriate behaviour. However, blowing the whistle on your organisation is not something to be taken lightly. In too many cases, the whistleblower can suffer significant negative consequences or may simply be ignored. 

At 1pm on Wednesday 3rd July, join the IoD's Head of Corporate Governance Dr Roger Barker alongside experts from the fields of auditing, whistleblowing and governance as they discuss and dissect the process and outcomes of raising a flag. In this webinar, we examine how whistleblowing is working in UK companies. 

Can we be confident that whistleblowing processes are trusted by employees and make an appropriate impact on decision-makers? Is the legal framework in the UK sufficient to protect whistleblowers from the various risks they face when they made the bold decision to step out from the shadows?

Tackling these issues will be:

Dr Roger Barker, Head of Corporate Governance, IoD

Elizabeth Richards, Head of Corporate Governance, Technical Strategy Department, ICAEW

Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Advisor, CIIA

Francesca West, CEO of Protect: The Whistleblowing Charity

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