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IoD99Bites: Episode 34 - Community impact

14 Nov 2018

In the latest IoD99Bites, Alex meets two passionate members to discuss the importance of community and why they're spearheading the 99 in their local area.

As we all know, a community is only as strong as its members, and in this IoD99Bites we have interviewed two real champions in our community who have had a massive impact over the last two years.

Anwen Cooper is the founder of Get Fruitful Marketing and Dan Corpe is the founder of Corpe Consulting. Both based in Kent and together have been accelerating the IoD 99 presence throughout the county, putting on amazing socials and delivering real value add to the community.

So how and why have they done it? What have been the benefits for them? And if you are keen to get involved with IoD 99 socials where you are, what are their top tips, dos and don’ts?

Alex Mitchell

Learn more about the amazing community of entrepreneurs and start-up co/founders in the IoD 99 here!

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