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How to recruit for diverse teams

08 Jul 2019
In conjunction with our IoD Open House roadshow, we have created three reports to support and expand on the themes of the tour - Connected Business, Inclusive Business and Global Business.

Inclusive business

Diverse boards are more effective and creative decision-making bodies, and as a result are more likely to cultivate successful organisations. Furthermore, they are a key means by which we can build the trust and respect of wider society in UK business. As the representative of a community of thousands of business leaders, the IoD is a leading advocate for increasing diversity on the boards of UK companies.

Diversity in the workplace has been proven to lead to better performance for organisations. Yet despite this, it is often frustrating to reflect on how slowly organisations are changing when it comes to diversity - year-on-year they seem to look roughly the same. And given the deep-rooted structural issues and unconscious biases that help preserve the status quo, it is easy to conclude that the slow pace of change is not all that surprising.

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