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How to maintain diversity in a Post-Brexit Britain

05 Jul 2019

In conjunction with our IoD Open House roadshow, we have created three reports to support and expand on the themes of the tour - Connected Business, Inclusive Business and Global Business.

Global business

Developing and maintaining an international reach takes real ingenuity. It's about identifying market opportunities, understanding supply chains and managing tariff and non-tariff barriers.

Yet, despite these obstacles, almost three-quarters of IoD members report that their business exports. Directors are selling not just to neighbouring markets like the EU but also to regions further afield, such as South America, Africa and Australasia. And it's far from a one-way street, as trade is far from a zero-sum game; 57% of IoD members import from abroad for business purposes.

Whilst we cannot know for certain what our relationship with the EU will look like in the coming years, what we do know is that the legalities around living in the UK as an EU citizen are changing. What does this mean for your business? The following no-nonsense guide is designed to help you navigate the Settled Status landscape:

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