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Detoxing does you and your business wonders

22 Jan 2019

IoD 99 member Yasemen Kaner-White reveals why detoxing does you and your business wonders.

Blog - BusinessWhen I first heard about Moinhos Velhos, in Faro; Portugal, I was instantly engaged. A chance to switch off and administer some self-love, by solely focusing on me and my wellbeing, for a whole week. It sounded like a challenge, I hadn’t previously been on a ‘juicing’ diet, but I thought it could be just the thing I needed to ‘reboot’ myself, both physically and mentally, and it was.

On day one, you’re weighed (great to check progress when leaving) and given the opportunity to have a one to one with Debbie, the lovely nutritionist. The general daily routine consisted of an early start, great for me, as someone who works from home, a law unto myself with working hours to match; it was useful to kick-start a healthy regime of earlier nights and earlier risings. At 7.30 am, you’re treated to a lemon water before two hours of yoga, chants and positive affirmations to focus the mind and flex the body ready for the day. There was always emphasis on doing things at your own pace, “gentleness can be the mantra of our yoga sessions,” our teacher told us. Competition was left at home, the “most important thing is do not compare yourself to others” we were told. Having made friendships with my fellow 7 ‘detoxers’, I would often go for a long walks along paths lined with cork trees, strawberry trees and eucalyptus trees in the surrounding natural beauty of the valley in which Moinhos resides. Lunch consisted of psyllium husks and bentonite clay powder mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice to aid the sweeping out of toxins and old waste from the body, followed by the juice of the day. Most of the fruit and veg used in the daily juices are grown on-site; otherwise they’re locally sourced and all organic. I looked forward to the surprise concoctions given to us, all delicious and most certainly nutritious, including efficacious treats such as fresh turmeric and wheatgrass. ‘Dinner’ was a clear broth which benefitted from a dash of miso, garlic or olive oil; the offered condiments alongside the watery meal.

Supplements in the form of various pills were given to again aid the detoxing process and DIY clysmatics were advised throughout the whole process. Ed gave daily talks, covering a range of fascinating topics from Basal Metabolic Rate (which increases when fasting meaning you burn calories without doing anything) to blood Cholesterol which incidentally evens out when fasting. Ed’s insight gave everyone transferable tips and skills to replicate at home. Interestingly, I didn’t feel hungry, I just missed the emails and business of my life, it was beneficial to not hide behind my hectic schedule and spend some time with myself. Mental clarity is said to improve when you’re not eating, after all it’s basic survival, in the hunter gatherer days, when often going without food for days on end, we needed clarity to hunt, which is the opposite feeling of lethargy after a huge Christmas dinner. In other words, replace that doughnut with a juice or crudités, your mind and business will thank you for it. Thankfully, after fasting the body finds it hard to want or need certain foods, usually unhealthy ones, therefore it’s an ideal thing to do to launch a healthy lifestyle.

For the inquisitive and open-minded, though some may say gullible, you can book a session of physiospect which describes itself as an NLS biofeedback system, which can diagnose and treat almost every known pathological condition, disease and illnesses, even before there are any physical symptoms. You can even rid yourself of parasites using a hand held Zapper. Horses for courses, some say they work, others not, personally I preferred the more tangible talks on things such as daily skin brushing to speed up the lymphatic system and advocation of the neti pot to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavities, keeping your nasal passage clear. I enjoyed walks in their beautiful garden where I saw oranges, feijoa, lemon, broccoli, 5 types of cabbage, radish, beetroot, onions, leek, garlic, turmeric, carrots being lovingly tended to, organically. Neem oil instead of fertiliser, watered down orange juice as a trap for fruit flies and waste from the juices being used for compost. A variety of soothing massages can be booked and the sauna and hot tub are also available to unwind.

On reflection, my highlights there included things you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere, such as a memorable bonding meditation where we each had an instrument of choice to ‘jam’ together, gong meditation, a dance session to the backdrop of the ‘5 rhythms’, our mid week outing to a nearby beautiful beach where I genuinely wasn’t tempted to sneak a coffee or sweet treat, the companionship of kind and caring staff as well as interesting ‘inmates’! You are given the unique opportunity of taking away information and tips such as sprout your own mung beans; as healthy as a multi vitamin and leaving behind distressing thoughts which hold you back in the last ‘spiral’ ceremony. Not only do you benefit but so does your business, by having a less stressed, and lighter (physically and metaphorically), healthier boss, armed with a new set of life skills.

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