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Chartered Director

Chartered Director Working Group: Letter from the chair

11 Jul 2018

An update on the ambitions and progress of the Chartered Director Working Group 

The Chartered Director Working Group formed in February 2017 with the express aim of improving engagement and perceptions within the Chartered Director community, the wider IoD and the business world. It recently presented it's findings and recommendations to the Director General Stephen Martin and the Executive Board of the IoD, which included an expansion of the regional events calendar, a NED diploma and an aspirant route to Chartered Director, targeting directors at an earlier stage of their career and nurturing them to qualification.

The chair of the group, Dr Richard Smith, writes this update, as the group ends it's term:

Dear Chartered Directors,

I joined the group as I saw this as an important opportunity to help shape the continuing development of CDir and whilst ensuring it remains relevant and adds value to existing alumni.

Chartered Directors, IoD staff responsible for CDir and two head hunters formed the group and we quickly identified the need for data. A market research study was commissioned and its output helped shape two work streams - one focused on promoting the external view of CDir and the other on “what’s in it for me”. All of the various meetings consisted of face-to-face and remote access. The end result was a list of recommendations that are now being implemented. 

For me it was a privilege to chair a group which quickly focused on what needed to be achieved and then did it. Big thanks to colleagues who stepped in when some of us were unable to join the group at certain times. Another key point is that this way of directly asking members to get involved in shaping the future really does enable your views to be heard and actioned. I look forward to the IoD doing more of this in the future. 

We expect the new developments we proposed to make CDir the pinnacle aspiration for all directors and the organisations they work for.     


Dr Richard Smith

Group managing director, Surfachem Group Ltd

To find out more about the IoD Executive Board, click here. Progress of and timelines for the initiatives presented by the Chartered Director Working Group will be shared within the Chartered Director community periodically via email, on and via social media.

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