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Chartered Director News

Chartered Director CPD Consultation

28 Oct 2018
The Assessment team have been asked by the IoD’s Accreditation and Standards Committee to undertake a review of our current Chartered Director CPD model.

The key objective of the review is to ensure the IoD provides a CPD scheme that encourages CDirs to maintain a high standard of professional practice while taking ownership of and adding value to their own learning and development.

We would like to invite our CDirs to provide comments and feedback on our proposed new CPD scheme, and in particular how they would apply this to their own development plans.

Our current CPD model

Currently all CDirs are required to undertake at least 30 hours of CPD per year. The IoD provides a suggested list of activities that CDirs may wish to engage in to fulfil their CPD.

An annual audit is carried out during which we select a sample of CPD records to be submitted by CDirs at the end of the year to ensure professional development is being undertaken and recorded.

There are no further formal requirements for CPD but it is suggested that CDirs plan their CPD in advance and write appropriate learning outcomes to guide their professional development.

Why change it?

Our current CPD model is an ‘input model’ and carries with it certain limitations:

  • It places emphasis on how much time is spent on CPD rather than the value of the CPD activity undertaken
  • It has a tendency to operate as a tick box exercise without clear focus as opposed to adding value to a director’s own learning requirements
  • CPD is often all recorded at once at the end of the year when records need to be submitted, rather than CPD being embedded into professional working practice

This model doesn’t easily enable the professional to take control of their own learning and tailor their development to their needs

IoD Academy CPD Tracker

The introduction of the new IoD Digital Academy makes this a good time to look at a new model. The CPD Tracker in the Academy platform and mobile app provides opportunities for CDirs to set annual CPD goals, add reflections on each item of CPD, reflect on their learning each month and carry out a self-assessment against the Director Competency Framework.

What we are proposing 

The IoD is proposing a move to an output model which focuses on the value derived from the CPD rather than the time or effort involved.

The new model will:

  • Remove the requirement for CDirs to complete a specified number of hours
  • Enable CDirs to be responsible for deciding the amount, type and nature of CPD that they undertake
  • Encourage CDirs to develop a CPD plan at the start of each year, with goals linked to the competency framework
  • Require all CPD activities to contribute in some way to the achievement of their development goals.
  • Encourage CDirs to write a short summary/reflection of their development each month, the progress they are making toward achieving their goals and how they might put their learning into practice.
  • The annual audit would focus on:
  • The CPD goals the Chartered Director set for themselves and how they are matched to the competency framework
  • The regularity with which the CPD was carried out during the year
  • The tangible professional benefits the Chartered Director derived from their CPD as recorded in their reflections and/or summaries.  

To support these changes, the IoD will look to:

  • Provide updated guidance to CDirs to support and inform them of the new process and requirements
  • Provide opportunities for CDirs to undertake CPD activities through the Digital Academy and other channels.
  • Undertake a 2019 CPD pilot to try out and obtain feedback on the new model

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