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In Good Company - Day In The Life

A day in the life - China L'One

24 Aug 2018

DJ China L'One, founder of We Run The World DJ agency


China L'One, founder of We Run The World

China L’One, 38, is the founder of We Run The World Female DJ Agency. She lives in Mitcham, South London with her family.

Woman running down a road at dawnWhat time does your alarm go off?

I set my alarm for 7am. As soon as I wake up I write down five things that I’m grateful for, and then I pray to God to thank him for another day. I like to do a bit of light exercise, and then I have a bath before grabbing some breakfast. I start work at 9am and finish at 7pm.

What are you responsible for?

I’m responsible for running the agency and delegating work to our agency admin worker. I oversee and listen to DJ mixes, and contact potential clients along with our staff member - we work very closely together. I am also responsible for website content and management, contacting potential clients who follow us on social media, visiting potentials clients that we would like to work with, and emailing generally.

China DJing from a boothHow did you become an entrepreneur?

I created my own company, how about that! I began running a talent club for local children and teenagers in my local community. Then I began DJing and quickly realised there wasn't an agency that looked after solely female DJs. I saw a gap in the market and decided to launch my own agency.

Describe your typical day...

I do agency-related work from 9am to 2pm, then I workout at the gym between 2 and 4pm. Then back to the agency work until 7pm.

Most memorable moment?

Moving from West Africa to the UK at 13 years old. It was a complete change of culture.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Just be yourself and don’t let others limit your own valuation. Don’t let others dictate what you should be. Maximise the person you are and fulfill your potential.

What are the best things about your job?

Meeting and inspiring new people, travelling to different countries to meet new clients, and supporting other female DJs.

Diary next to a laptop and cup of coffee on a deskHow do you unwind after work?

I enjoy relaxing and being in complete silence, although I also like listening to music. I find writing therapeutic too, which helps me reflect on the day. 

Where do you go for personal &/or professional advice?

Personally, I seek advice from my mum and close friends. I also go to church to pray. Professionally, I go to my accountant. He helps me with everything regarding my business projects and financial matters. My brother who has a Masters degree in International Business is always available to give me advice. 

What do you attend/read/watch to get ideas and inspiration?

I attend Toastmasters International club which has given me the confidence to do public speaking. The club members are supportive, inspiring and motivational. I enjoy watching God TV channels for both inspirational music content and the religious side. I also like reading motivational books.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?

I find having music in the background helps me focus while working through the day. I listen to gospel music as it's so reassuring and joyous, and it calms me down.

What would have been your alternative career?

I would have been a Clinical Psychologist. I applied to study it at university and was accepted by five universities but I decided to follow my dreams and study Media Art and Music Technology instead.

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