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9 ways the IoD Open House can shape the future of your business

06 Feb 2018

From 12-14 March the IoD’s headquarters at 116 Pall Mall will be transformed into a three-day business festival. IoD Open House will provide a unique chance to hear from and meet some of the most inspirational, influential and forward-thinking figures in Britain today. There will be keynote speakers, thought-provoking seminars and valuable networking sessions.

Above all, our goal is for you to leave feeling better informed and inspired. With that in mind, here are nine ways that Open House could help you to shape the future of your business...

1. How to find and keep the best talent

With employment at record highs and firms suffering from skills shortages, the need to find the best staff, whoever they are, has never been more pressing. Josh Graff, the UK Country Manager of LinkedIn, will feature in a panel discussion that will look at how businesses can improve recruiting and working practices to remove stumbling blocks to diversity.

Tuesday 13 March at 15:10pm

2. How a start-up can successfully scale up

Scaling up is perhaps the biggest challenge that faces any new business after its initial burst of success. Henry Dimbleby is the co-founder of Leon Restaurants and in a session titled Grassroots to Global, he will chair a panel that examines the challenges of business growth, as well as providing insight and advice on how to expand your enterprise while staying true to your vision.

Monday 12 March at 14:00pm

3. How wellbeing can boost your bottom line

For businesses to thrive in the connected world, they need to connect with people - their lives, their hopes and ambitions. Paul Farmer is the CEO of mental health charity Mind and he will be one of the guest speakers in the session that will reveal why your employees’ wellbeing at work can boost your bottom line.

Wednesday 14 March at 11.05am

4. How regulation can be turned into profit

Sir Nigel Shadbolt is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Open Data Institute and is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Southampton University. He will lead a session that will reveal how new data and privacy regulations could be turned into a business growth opportunity. From issues of trust and consent to data governance as a top priority, we will examine potential next steps for your business.

Tuesday 13 March at 16:15pm

5. How the Xennials will affect the economy

How will our future leaders disrupt contemporary business culture? Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson will dive into our new generation of directors and how they’re on track to changing the future of business, covering how our future leaders are set to impact the boardroom.

Wednesday 14 March at 15:10pm

6. How to crack a new market overseas

The Government has ambitious targets for increasing UK exports, but only business can deliver them. Will Butler-Adams OBE is the CEO of Brompton Bicycles and knows how to successfully export a British product around the world. When he joined Brompton in 2002 they were producing 6,000 folding bikes a year. Now they make around 45,000 bikes a year and have plans to double their output by 2021. Butler-Adams will be your host for a session that will provide invaluable advice for taking any business thinking of taking a leap into unknown.

Monday 12 March at 11:05pm


7. How to meet the challenge of automation

Matthew Taylor is a former political strategist and Chief Executive of the RSA. Last year he was commissioned by the Prime Minister to lead a seminal review into the future of work. Taylor will be giving a speech, followed by a panel discussion that will examine how businesses, individuals and Government should pull together to meet the challenges of digitisation and automation.

Tuesday 13 march at 14:00pm


8. How 7 per cent equals growth

There are 13.5 million people (or 7 per cent of the population) living with a disability in the UK. Mike Adams OBE is the CEO of Purple, which brings disabled people and businesses together. He will reveal how workplaces can change, grow and develop to include this highly valuable group of people and, in turn, drive innovation and increase profits.

Wednesday 14 March at 12:15pm 


9. How to disrupt a broken system

Paul Lindley is founder of Ella’s Kitchen and the current IoD International Director of the Year. He believes disruptive business thinking can help the economy work better for people and the planet. From climate change to economic inequality, Paul will look at the opportunity for business to disrupt a broken system.

Wednesday 14 March at 14:00pm

This unique three-day festival of business will be held at the IoD’s headquarters at 116 Pall Mall.

Learn from, meet and network with some of the most influential, inspirational and forward-thinking business figures in Britain today!

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