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8 signs of presenteeism in your staff

22 Aug 2018
Illustration of workers under a cloud with one worker slumped asleep on deskWestfield Preferred Partner banner logo

Sickness absence rates amongst staff are visible and pretty straightforward for employers to keep track of. Short term sickness absences are most common, whereas mental ill health, musculoskeletal issues, stress and acute medical conditions typically enforce longer-term absence. 

But these are just the issues you can see. What about presenteeism, the hidden threat in the modern workplace? The phenomenon has tripled over the past 10 years, according to CIPD, and there are a variety of causes that can attribute to staff being present in body but not in mind. 

Here are eight key signs that could indicate that an employee is afflicted with presenteeism:

Infographic depicting a depleting battery with 8 signs of presenteeism increasing in severity

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