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7 Steps For Good Health During Covid-19

14 May 2020

The Coronavirus is the cataclysmic curveball that could change everything! So let’s get real with the facts of basic physical self-care as we boost our immune systems and strengthen our bodies.

1. Exercise daily. 30-60 minutes of home aerobics, yoga, cycling, walking (following government guidelines on social distancing) and gentle aerobic exercise boosts the immune system, though high intensity training (HIT) can lead to an increase in the possibility of upper respiratory tract infection as well as stress our nervoendocrinoimmune system so go easy on yourself!

2. Loose the booze. Research has shown a big relationship between the over consumption of alcohol and an increased susceptibility to pneumonia so cut it down or cut it out, as this staycation has the potential to be seriously for good health, not for drinking to anyone’s good health, unless you’re going to…

3. Drink water. Drinking plenty of water helps the body flush out toxins, helps digestion, helps with blood flow, helps with oxygen delivery, helps in the generation of neurotransmitters and hormones, regulates blood pressure, aids kidney function and regulates our body temperature. Warm rather than cold and pure rather than flavoured.

4. Eat food. There’s a big difference between ’edible products’ and the stuff that nourishes your body. Sugar and junk food weakens our immune systems, so eat a balanced diet reducing sugar and refined oils. As we reduce the burden on our digestive systems, we reduce the intake of toxins that burden the liver and we’ll enable our immune systems to thrive and help us with stayin’ alive

5. Breathe. Practice breathing techniques, mindfulness or meditation, to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is needed for relaxation, healing and digestion. Breathe out of a toxic head and into grounded embodiment. Indeed, breathing can save your marbles and literally set you free!      

6. Sleep. So many people around me are stressed about how much sleep they need at the moment, though a minimum of seven hours is necessary for a healthy functioning brain and body. If you need more, you probably have the space to take more right now. If you don’t, then create the space as this is surely the time to recharge and heal your be~ing beyond your doing.

7. Communicate. As social isolation demands conscious connection, we’ve launched MenCheck-in - weekday lunchtime check-ins to keep men calm, connected, safe and sane in these turbulent times of extreme vulnerability. Click-in when you want to join and pass the link on to any man (or woman!) who could do with an hour of quality company with no pressure and lots of depth and laughter (by donation)Laughter boosts the immune system! 

Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz is a Personal & Professional Development Consultant / Group Facilitation Trainer at The Man Whisperer. Find Kenny on Twitter @KennyMDC

Please note, this content is not produced by the IoD and therefore does not necessarily represent the views or thoughts of the organisation.

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