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5 top tips on looking after your mental health at work

24 Aug 2017

Mental health consultant Sylvia Bruce shares more touching insights from her own experiences of mental health issues, and this time offers up five helpful tips for anyone dealing with everyday work pressures. 

In Sylvia's first blog for the IoD, she shared the origins of her illness and the treatments that put her on the road to recovery. In her second blog, she shares her personal insights as to why one might choose not to speak openly about mental illness. Finally, in the video above Sylvia shares her five personal top tips to ensuring positive mental health in the workplace.

Sylvia Bruce, mental health in the workplace consultant

Sylvia Bruce

Sylvia Bruce is a mental health in the workplace consultant and inspirational speaker, unafraid to share her mental ill-health to full recovery experience, and a performance with well-being coach. Sylvia left a successful investment banking and performance management career at HSBC to focus on her passion to promote individual, corporate and education facility actions to encourage mental health confidence and looking after our mental health as we do our physical health.

Whilst at HSBC, Sylvia was also mental health network Chair, champion and Business Disability SteerCo member driving the Time to Change Pledge agenda forward, masterminding innovative activities, events, regularly featuring in internal communications and representing HSBC at external events.

Mental health in the workplace

The IoD is committed to raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace, with a particular focus on opening up the conversation for small and medium-sized businesses. We have created a hub packed full of helpful advice, best practice and useful resources, as well as shared experiences from business leaders.

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