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The IoD and me, Jon Cornwell

Jon Cornwell, MIoD has been an IoD member since 2006 and is managing director at Newsflare, an online video news community and marketplace specialising in news that is too breaking, too remote or too local for traditional organisations.

What made you think about joining the IoD?

“I’ve been a member since 2006. I was then in the process of starting a new consulting business, and I caught up with a guy who had started a business previously. He recommended the IoD to me as a really helpful resource for when you’re starting up. I was sold as soon I walked in the door.”

What benefits have you found useful since joining?

“I’ve found the meeting space in London really useful as a place to bring prospective clients and banking partners. I’ve also made good use of the Brasserie (now Café Duke), using it for annual appraisals and breakfast meetings. I also did the ‘Role of the Director and the Board’ course a while back which provided me with a really good grounding in the responsibilities of being a director.”

What were the biggest challenges you faced as a start-up?

“Funding and access to money, that’s the biggest one. Next would be covering our risk, making sure we got adequate insurance in place, that we got good legal advice when needed.

“Another challenge we face is keeping up to date with an ever-changing market. We need continuous insight, as what we checked out eight months ago is probably already out of date so we need to look at it again. That’s something that the IoD’s Information Advisory Service has really helped us with.”

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