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The IoD and me, Jeremy Walters

Jeremy Walters, FIoD is CEO of DST Output, an expert communications delivery outfit who use print, online and mobile channels to streamline B2B and B2C communication channels.

Why did you become a member of the IoD?

"I had been aware of the IoD for a number of years and had come to Pall Mall often for meetings as a guest of another member. I was always impressed with the meeting space facilities and with the excellent service.

"Then our core London office went through an expansion and I found myself needing somewhere to work in central London much more regularly. Meeting space was also at a premium, and here you’ve got lots of it. Becoming a member myself was a natural progression.

"Since joining I’ve really made the most of the Business Centre in 116 Pall Mall, in particular for offsite reviews with our sales guys. It’s great to get them out of the office environment and to lose the distractions like ringing phones and questions from colleagues, so we can really focus on them and their performance."

Is it all about Pall Mall for you?

"Definitely not. I’m based in Bristol so I use the Pall Mall premises when I’m in London but it’s really helpful to be able to drop in to the Bristol office as well. The regional presence is really important to me and while I enjoy the hustle and bustle of 116, because the Bristol office is much smaller it’s much easier to network there."

How else do you make the most of your membership?

"It’s not just the meeting space that’s useful, there are many practical elements that I’m enjoying. I’ve been to some excellent events which have been great for gathering knowledge and information on subjects where I’m not as well read as I should be. They also provide multiple networking opportunities. I’ve been to a few of the sporting lunches as well as the Annual Convention and am looking forward to more in the future."

What would your advice to new members be?

"You have to get involved to understand what’s available. Find out what’s going on in your region, go to some events, make contacts and reap the rewards."

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