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The IoD and me, James Knight


Professor James Knight is the European editor of five magazines issued by Partners Publishing, a publishing house based in Canada, the US and UK.

He works with and writes about luxury brands, from hotels to cars and fashion houses. He is also a guest speaker internationally on politics and economics.

What made you join the IoD?

“I thought it was a good way to network, meet different people and use the services here, which are very good, especially the research in the business library. The IoD is the benchmark for good business practice in the UK. Since joining in 1997, it’s helped me a great deal and it’s recognised in the States as well. The IoD opens doors internationally.

“I’m very happy with my membership. If you are a director, you should be a member of an organisation like the IoD, because it gives you great credibility. I’ve been a fellow for a number of years and regard my fellowship as a great accreditation.”

“I often come to networking events to listen to the guest speakers. I also attend the conferences, especially the Annual Convention – the speakers the IoD attracts are some of the best people in the world."

What surprised you the most about the IoD?

“The diversity. Members come from all sectors and many of the courses and events they run are as relevant for small businesses as much as multinationals.”

Which IoD services have you used most?

“The research library. I don’t always have access to all the information I need and the IoD’s resources and databases can help. I also find the lounges a good place to relax and meet different clients – that’s a great service offered to members. And the facilities at UK airports are always nice when you’re waiting for a flight.”

How have IoD services benefited your business?

“In a number of ways, from access to research and information to opening doors to different contacts. At the same time, the service is diverse and tailored to my requirements. I often use the IoD for networking and attend many conferences and business events. You never know who you are going to meet, so I’m networking all the time.

“The location plays a big part too. It’s in a great area and easy to get to. I use it when I’m in London because of the convenience, the remarkable building and the relaxed atmosphere.”

Have you recommended the IoD to a colleague or associate?

“Yes, and they have taken up the membership, including friends who live in America who come here on business. I continue to recommend the IoD for its many benefits that make it really worthwhile.”