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The IoD and me, Hugh Griffiths

Hugh Griffiths, IoD member

Hugh Griffiths, C Dir, FIoD, is the CEO of Inzpire Ltd, which provides military aviation training, products and expertise.

Inzpire works closely with the Ministry of Defence and has a global portfolio of customers providing products and services that are ‘designed by pilots for pilots’.

How did you get started in your career?

"I served in RAF for 23 years and retired as a Wing Commander with specialist knowledge in tactics training. I left the RAF in 2006. Three of us got together to set up Inzpire and, since then, it has grown from three people to well over 50."

Why did you decide to become a member of the IoD?

"I wanted to know more about being a director. I wanted to do the job properly. As I saw it, this involved getting some training from experts."

How has being a member of the IoD helped you in your career?

"Being an IoD member makes me feel more confident of my own knowledge and abilities. It is good to know that I am part of an organisation that can provide impartial advice based on the collective wisdom and best practice of a lot of very experienced directors."

How did your IoD membership help you in your career after the RAF?

"There has been huge value. Saying that you are a Chartered Director and that you have the IoD Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction is a very powerful statement. It demonstrates that you understand what being a Director actually involves."

"To be a Fellow of the IoD means that the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years are recognised by like-minded peers"

What lessons did you learn along the way with the Chartered Director (C Dir) qualification?

"The IoD C Dir training is hard and takes a lot of time. Make no mistake, if you want to complete it, sacrifices have to be made to make time to study. If you are not prepared to make these sacrifices, then you shouldn’t take it on board. However it's well worth it as it's a qualification confers immense credibility. It is the foremost qualification for those aspiring to sit on Boards. Not only has it furnished me with a huge body of knowledge; it also means that I have an internationally recognised qualification that is actually worth something."

What membership benefits would you recommend to other members?

"The facilities in London and the regions are excellent. I find them superb for meetings and as a good place to work. I have attended a number of networking events and I am always amazed by the connections you make. The IoD is full of very capable people."

And finally, what does it mean to you to be a Fellow of the IoD?

"I felt honoured to be selected as a Fellow of such a distinguished body. To be a Fellow of the IoD means that the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years are recognised by like minded peers."