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The IoD and me, Adam Sommerfeld

Adam Sommerfeld, IoD member

Adam Sommerfeld runs DRS Commodities, a headhunting firm operating within the commodities sector with a portfolio of clients based both in the UK and internationally.

DRS is one of the number of companies that has a business address in Pall Mall through using IoD Office Solutions.

What made you join the IoD?

“I’d heard about the IoD from industry contacts. What attracted me was not only its reputation but also the strong networking opportunities. I once visited 116 Pall Mall and saw the calibre of people who were members and the facilities: I could see the  prospect for meetings, networking and professional development and realised that joining the IoD would be both interesting and beneficial."

What do you feel you get from being with the IoD?

“I've been an IoD member for a number of years – it still makes me feel very proud and I've recommended it to many of my associates. As I was referred to the IoD myself, it’s only natural that I continue on that route – it is definitely a family that I would like to welcome people into.”

"What attracted me to the IoD was not only its reputation but also the strong networking opportunities"

What has surprised you most since you became a member?

“Well, for one, I never expected to relocate here! However, once the IoD started to offer flexible Office Solutions, we found that to be both very beneficial and highly cost effective. Also, the advisory services have been hugely valuable on a number of occasions, helping us with legal, tax and accountancy related issues.”

What contacts have you made as a result of being an IoD member?

“When you need an accountant, a lawyer, a PR person, or even a new suit, you know everything is encompassed in your IoD membership.

“Furthermore, the people who want to associate with the IoD are very impressive. Since I’ve been a member, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard, entrepreneur and renowned venture capitalist Julie Meyer and John Madjeski, the former football club owner and entrepreneur. I’ve met people at that level and not just in networking capacity but also on a day-to-day basis in 116 Pall Mall. You simply walk up to your office or take a stroll around the IoD and you meet a well-known figure."

Why did you join the IoD Office Solutions?

“Office Solutions has been highly beneficial, particularly for the networking potential and for having a very credible business address in Pall Mall. The staff provide fantastic support, from professional call handling to refreshments, so that you can focus on running your business.”

How your perception of the IoD changed over the years?

“At first, I thought it would be an intimidating arena to enter but, as a member, you quickly adapt to the dynamics of how the IoD operates. As a result, we are now based in the IoD Office Solutions, making use of most of the facilities available. It’s a like a second home to me now!”