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IoD Advance

IoD Advance is the biggest shake-up to our membership offer in 40 years

Advance member testimonials


On connecting with Fellow IoD Advance Members

“What I have found with IoD Advance, is that because we’re meeting the same people on a regular basis, the relationships you form are not superficial; you get to know much more about the individuals, their skills and challenges.  It has been a really enjoyable and educational experience and very worthwhile.”  

Elva Pearson | Learning Partners | 


On the exclusive IoD Advance Events

“I'm continuously impressed with IoD Advance; from the topics, to the people, to the energetic atmosphere, the events are always absolutely fantastic!”  

Elle Moss | Drew London | 


On sharing knowledge through IoD Advance

“As an IoD Advance member and public speaking practitioner, having the opportunity to share my expertise with my fellow IoD Advance members by delivering a workshop on successful techniques for confidence in public speaking was amazing, as well as being a great opportunity for me to give something back to the community and to forge deeper connections with fellow members.  I’ve also really enjoyed - and benefitted from - attending other Advance Insight events and learning from the experience of my colleagues across the full business spectrum.”  

Ges Ray | Speaking in Public |

On the Professional Development included with IoD Advance

“IoD Advance has benefited me brilliantly because it motivated me through CPD in areas such as influencing techniques, risk and governance, and cyber security in the board room. I made several contacts and developed relationships which will be very helpful in developing my new project”. 

Dr Rajan Chadha | IBN Ltd

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