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I hereby apply for membership of the Institute of Directors and agree to be bound by its Constitution and all rules and regulations made under it. I confirm that I do not have any unspent criminal convictions (other than for traffic offences); I am not an undischarged bankrupt; and I am not disqualified (by court order or voluntary undertaking) from being a director of any company or prohibited by law from being a director. I undertake to inform the Institute Secretary without delay if I ever become subject to such a conviction, bankruptcy or disqualification.
I undertake to conduct myself, both publicly and privately, in a professional manner and so as to uphold the Institute’s reputation and standing and not to cause embarrassment or distress to other members of the Institute or its staff and not to represent publicly the views of the Institute or to claim its support, without the consent of the Board (or of an officer or employee of the Institute nominated by the Board for such purpose). The IoD’s Constitution and Member Rules appear on our website.

Data Usage and Marketing Permissions

By clicking Submit I agree that the IoD may hold and process all personal and business information which I am supplying with this application form and any further information I supply during the course of my membership. I agree also that the IoD may use my personal information as set out in the IoD’s Privacy Policy.
I agree also that the IoD may send me marketing communications about my membership benefits and that I can manage my communications through ‘My IoD’ account via or by contacting the Membership Department. Information about members is kept strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.