Meet Surrey's Ambassador for Public Sector and Chartered Director Raj Rutah

Get to know your Chartered Director and Public Sector Ambassador in Surrey.


Raj Rutah


Lead Clinical Engagement and Service Transformation, NHS

Managing Director, Executive Healthcare Consultancy Ltd

Describe your current role/company:   

I currently work full time in NHS, my journey in NHS started in early 1990’s through professional training inspired by family and friends who had roles in Medical, Nursing and Educational Sectors within NHS. I was taken away by the passion they all oozed, the pride they were expressing and their dedication to public service.

In my strategic role, I collaborate closely with Senior Stakeholders including National Clinical Directors, Medical Directors, Director of Medical Education, Board Members, Associate Medical Directors/Leads , Head of Professions and Operational Directors to provide comprehensive clinical and business leadership across key areas to include Fiscal Management, Contractual Performance, Revenue optimization, Programme Leadership, Business Planning, Operational Excellence, Quality Improvement, Transformation, Recruitment and Retention, Workforce Wellbeing, National Programmes and  Regulatory Compliance and Assurance. I also provide Coaching/Mentoring, Independent advice to new incoming new Consultants, Managers to Very Senior Managers and Medical Directors.

My role as Managing Director started few years ago, when I was approached by Senior Medical Directors and Board Members to provide input on various key areas such as Turnarounds , Quality Improvements, Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, Regulatory Standards, Safety,  Transformation, Programme Leadership, Fiscal (P&L) Operational Excellence, Setting up Services and providing mentorship to Senior Officials.

Previous roles:  

These have ranged from Executive and Non-Executive Directors to Senior Leadership Roles and seeing patients. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in NHS, Local Authorities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Private Company, and Private Corporate Healthcare both in UK and and International Level. My roles have ranged from Senior Independent Advisors, Chief Operating Officer/Vice President, Director of Clinical Operations, Director, Deputy/Associate Directors, Programme Director, Heading Corporate Services for 5 Countries, Strategic Turn Around and Clinical Roles.

My portfolio career over last 34 years over various industries and environment has given me a blend fusion of expertise, skills , knowledge and mindset to offer solutions to complex issues or at least a way forward for any industry for their respective challenges and assist for growth , compliance with professional and statutory requirements stay solvent, manage risk, look after their assets and embrace good governance , operational excellence for long term sustainability.

Why you joined the IoD, why you undertook chartered training and why you are pleased to the IoD framework for Director Code of Conduct.

Over the years due to my profession, I have to continuously comply with ongoing professional development as mandatory ranging from clinical courses and professional licence registration requirements which led to me gaining a bachelor’s degree, a Masters in Leadership as well as attending Top Management Programme with Kings Fund as well as various Leadership courses over last 25 years.

I have been waiting for the right moment to join IoD and I was extremely impressed on the offer and journey to become a Global Chartered Director. For me to achieve Chartered Director Status and the acquired learnings, has brought everything together to give me an edge to operate at the highest level in today’s world with new challenges in any scenario and any industry. The IoD framework for Director Code of Conduct is the added super spice to give me the rigour to perform at best.

I was also impressed with the level of professionalism within the Institute at every level and the calibre of National and International participants from diverse industries ranging from CEOs, Chair of Boards, Business Owners, Managing Directors, Directors, and Aspiring Directors which make the collective learnings the Gold Standard. I only wish I would have made this decision 20 years ago and I am aspiring to promote and inspire more leaders across the sectors to consider the offer and ongoing professional development as I can only see substantial benefits individually, business both profit and non-profit whilst creating a better future for upcoming generation.

How this helps you better support your organisation.

It is a rarity to have a Chartered Director Status in healthcare and public sector, I will use and create every opportunity I may have to promote good leadership, operational excellence and raising standards whilst working collaboratively across all systems and partners.

Why you took it further and raised your hand to be and Ambassador, and why you are the Ambassador for your 2 areas and act as the point of contact in Surrey for anyone wishing to discuss these points further with you.

Taking these two Ambassadorial roles within the Surrey Branch came as a sweet surprise after attending my first Director’s network meeting. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of all members, that’s when I realised I have a plethora of experience to offer, promote and enhance the same vision within Surrey, hence I came forward. Being a Chartered Director, I can further enhance the ongoing good work across other industries.

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